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5/31/04 Important Announcement Regarding the grsecurity

Project Beginning today, May 31, 2004, development of grsecurity will cease. On June 7, the website, forums, mailing list, and CVS will be shut down. Due to a sponsor unexpectedly dropping sponsorship of grsecurity while continually promising payment, I began the summer in debt and had to borrow money from family to pay for food. If none of the companies that depend on grsecurity, some of them being very large, are able to sponsor the project, grsecurity will cease to exist. Though grsecurity is licensed under the GPL, I am the sole developer and originator of ideas for the project. Though it would be possible for others to handle maintenance of the project, the quality won't be held to the same standards and will not progress with the same goals I have set for the project. I am not looking for help with hosting, as the hosting for grsecurity has been provided for free for over a year and a half and will continue to be provided unless the project has to end. I am also not looking for paypal donations at this point, unless those that donate do so with the recognition that despite their donation, grsecurity may still never be returning. If your company wishes to sponsor grsecurity, please contact me at [email protected] To continue to the website (until June 7th)...

mislim da ovo nije prvi slučaj i da je ovo pattern koji se često ponavlja, mislite o tome. što je najgore, dosta servera se oslanja na grsec patch-eve, koji su *beep*, ali ipak najčešće rade posao.
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Sta je GrSec? Odnosno, zbog cega je to tolika vest (bila je i na /.)? Da li je to samo jos jedan projekat na sourceforge-u ili je nesto bitnije?
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Cisto informacije radi (iako pise lepo ovde):


grsecurity is an innovative approach to security utilizing a multi-layered detection, prevention, and containment model. It is licensed under the GPL.
# It offers among many other features: An intelligent and robust Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) system that can generate least privilege policies for your entire system with no configuration
# Change root (chroot) hardening
# /tmp race prevention
# Extensive auditing
# Prevention of entire classes of exploits related to address space bugs (from the PaX project)
# Additional randomness in the TCP/IP stack
# A restriction that allows a user to only view his/her processes
# Every security alert or audit contains the IP address of the person that caused the event

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Reljam:Sta je GrSec? Odnosno, zbog cega je to tolika vest (bila je i na /.)? Da li je to samo jos jedan projekat na sourceforge-u ili je nesto bitnije?

hm, na neki nacin to je veoma bitan projekat posto je u neku ruku preuzeo zastavicu od openwall-a kao najcesce korisceni set kernel security patch-eva za linux i koristi se veoma cesto. sa te strane prekid rada na njemu predstavlja prilicno ozbiljnu vest. nadam se da je autor samo izveo takticki potez po modelu stap-sargarepa kako bi nasao investitora/sponzora/mecenu/dobrotvora/stagod.