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We are a small company focusing on software for the automotive (car) market, extremely fast to bring out new ideas and constantly innovating to make sure we are ahead of any competition. You will work in very relaxed working environment without formality as we believe this is the best way to get things done quickly.

You should be open minded in your learning for new technologies and methods, able to find creative and innovative solutions to problems (thinking outside box), as well as suggesting general improvements in processes and our products.

We are looking for candidates that want to work with us long term because of this it is important that you want to learn, can accept criticism and work well in a team.

We provide excellent benefits to working with us with random bonuses and fully paid team holidays to Portugal!

Required Skills:
Strong understanding of OOP and MVC
Decent SQL knowledge — particularly with MySQL
JavaScript, jQuery
Comfortable working with Linux/CLI

Knowing and having experience with below is a plus:
PHP framework, especially YII / YII2
Android / Java knowledge
Advanced LAMP setup
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field
Experience with project work and delivery

Work time:
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. All National and Personal Holidays.
You are also permitted to have a working holiday (3 months maximum) from our offices in Lisbon, Portugal.

We promise to contact every candidate if you read this and do not just apply to every job you see. Just simply let us about something that you think you could help us with. (Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be perfect or long, one sentence is enough.)

Send CV to [email protected]