[ spopovic @ 01.04.2004. 10:11 ] @
NEW YORK (CNNfn) -- Cisco Systems Inc. (NSDQ:CSCO) and Microsoft
Corp. (NSDQ: MSFT) Wednesday reported the largest stock transfer
yet in history of IT business. Reportedly, Microsoft chairman and
Chief Software Engineer Bill Gates has offered over $15bn for a 55%
stock package, enabling him to take control over the largest
network equipment supplier today. The reason for this may be Cisco's
earnings that tumbled 86 percent in the latest quarter, and
executives told analysts to be "more conservative" when setting
their setting their financial expectations for the company in the
coming months.

"When in doubt about our goals, we would encourage you to take the
conservative view," John Chambers, Cisco's chief executive, said during a
teleconference Tuesday evening. He also reported the company needs
a solid partnership with the software industry, "and Microsoft is
the biggest kid in the playground."
[ markom @ 01.04.2004. 10:34 ] @
To onda objašnjava zajedničku konferenciju za štampu najvećih Cisco i Microsoft distributera na Islandu sazvanu za danas...

[ B o j a n @ 01.04.2004. 11:31 ] @
Your CISCO box just got better!

[ caiser @ 01.04.2004. 13:24 ] @
B o j a n:
Your CISCO box just got better!

HAHAHAH!!!! Sad ce da ubace Solitarie(tm) da se admini igraju u pauzama. :)
[ VRider @ 01.04.2004. 23:19 ] @
Da li je i ovo sala ili sta?
[ impaque @ 17.05.2004. 12:12 ] @
B o j a n:
Your CISCO box just got better!

...with better 24/7 support and easy-to-remember backdoor passwords with even fewer letters than before!

LOL. ;P Vidiš, možda je to jako bitna i preko potrebna "aplikacija", pošto se jako često koristi i jako retko zakucava? ;)))