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27 / 28. 09.
Downtown Summer Theatre
in the open
Novi Sad

IFOMA - International Festival of Modern Arts, Novi Sad (Berlin)

IFOMA 2002 represents an alternative to all those willing to embrace new principals of life and understandings of Modern Arts.

Cultural exchange and mutual sharing of experiences bring much-needed overall look at our society's standards helping us understand the time of changes ahead of us.

One must not forget that human mind always takes us further then any artificial intelligence ever could. It is crucially important to understand the connection between humans, hi-tech and common progress.

IFOMA is created out of terrible need to present Serbian digital art scene as an existing and vibrant one despite culturally poisoned life in the country.

IFOMA 2002 establishes itself as a meeting point for artists coming from different cultural environments to focus on our similarities and exchange our knowledge in our constant and mutual struggle to make a better world.

The theme of this year's Festival is GET REAL > GET VIRTUAL; and is focusing on the controversy of being real and virtual.

Our visitors will be able to see a complete multimedia set-up showing computer graphics, FLASH animations, cyber projects, video works, software experts, and digital installations.

This Festival is based on an idea to promote everyone involved by custom-made web presentations made by our webmaster's team that are placed on the web after the event.

Miloje Sekulic